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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the p0werful 0f p0tat0 ^_^

Assalammualaikum !! hey guys ^_^ l0ng time n0 see..hehe, well im very busy with my practical. Im 0n sem 6 right n0w.. s0 i h0pe i can d0 the best f0r this sem, because next year i will qualified as a staff nurse..weeehooo ;DD s0 ! wish me luck. ;))

as the title ab0ve, i just want 2 share 2 all my frend here h0w p0werful the p0tat0 ^_^
The humble p0tat0 is t0day f00d in Malaysia - but it t00k ab0ut 150 years t0 reach this status. Here s0me educati0nal health facts ab0ut p0tat0es ^_^

- A great s0urce 0f fibre - imp0rtant f0r digestive system
- Extremely l0w in fat when boiled 0r baked
- G00d s0urce 0f p0tassium , crucial f0r muscle c0ntracti0n and maintaining bl00d pressure level
- A staple f00d f0r th0se wh0 are gluten-int0lerent(diabetic) and unable t0 c0nsume wheat-based f00d
- A g00d s0urce 0f vitamin C and s0me B vitamins.

The meth0d 0f c00king is imp0rtant when its c0mes t0 p0tat0es. Because vitamin B and C are water s0luble, b0iling tends t0 reduce these nutrients. B0iling p0tat0es in their skins may retain m0re nutrients. D0 n0t eat p0tat0es that have begun t0 spr0ut 0r have green patches 0n them ! ^_^

I h0pe, this inf0rmati0n will give u m0re kn0wledge ab0ut what we eat and what we take f0r diet. until the next p0st ! l0ve u ! ^_^

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